Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Few More left and Awful People

Hello to the folks interet in this journey with me. Well I will have more pics tomorrow. My camera has been going haywire and im not certain on how to fix it right now.

Anyway, I took down about 10 since the last post. The actual, physical process isnt as difficult as the looks and snares during the process. Im not vain (anymore lol) and to walk around with a half locked head isnt that big of a problem for me, as it is with many other people I come in contact with. I have had the worst comments, or worst even, snares from just mean-hearted people. I say that because to really understand the opinion of others, in their attempts to force you to understand thier perspectives, one must really have a handle on their own lives. At this point in my life, I have come to the realization that people are mean because they lack a certain quality that they see in thier "victims". We can cover up scars, blemishs, marks, and acne with make up, fake smiles and our unrelenting attempts at enforcing that everyone believes in our craft of make-believe. This cover-up leads to self-destructive behavior and a lonely existence.

Well I have been made stronger knowing that God has plans for me. I am always reminded that GOD loves me as I look at myself in the mirror. Who I am natural, is who HE saw when I was created and I love who I am.

Ok Family be back tomorrow with pictures.

Love Ya

So what do we do??!!! We SHINE!!! If another person is lacking in an area of thier live and you just happen to be the soul that gets attacked, PRAISE GOD that you were selected and that you have qualified for this attack. I cant tell you how many times I have felt like crap because of someones opinion of me. God has reminded me that every attack is of the enemy. People with missing areas in thier lifes get it filled with attacks themselves and hurting people hurt people. So rejoice that GOD saw and knew you could handle this attack.

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